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Te Tua Whakaheke explores the more recent histories of Ngāti Pūkenga. With the coming of the English and colonisation came great change for our people. The world as our tūpuna knew it was no more. 

Ngāti Pūkenga responded to the call of our relations and allies to help fight against the new comers. We suffered many losses, of lives and land. Many of those left sought refuge amongst our allies and were eventually subsumed by those bloodlines.

In the belief that the Treaty of Waitangi would help safe guard our people and assets, a Ngāti Pūkenga leader at the time signed it on behalf of our people. Unfortunately, with the breaking of said treaty, and the introduction of new laws such as the Tohunga Suppression Act, we suffered more blows to our way of life.

Despite all of the challenges and struggles, our tūpuna continued to fight for our people. 

We are fortunate to have some of our elders still with us today who are willing to share their stories, and help us document history in the making.

Te Tua Whakaheke Kōrero

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