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Quick Facts

Reach out your hand, dip into the archives that are available on this site, and snag a few of the wee morsels, the delectable snippets of mouth-watering kōrero to pique your interest. 

These are easily digestible pieces of information that we’ve set apart so that they’re easier to consume. 

They are shorter kōrero that are individually available for you to dip into whenever you’ve got a moment, and that you can breeze through quickly any time you like. 

Brave Curiosity

Our story does not begin in Tauranga Moana nor does it begin in New Zealand. Read more...

Ngāti Pūkenga

As time passes, identity evolves as a community is faced with new challenges, new opportunities, new people and new places. Ngāti Pūkenga’s history spans the greatest ocean in the world, and is woven of various genealogical, political and social threads. Read more...


There were multiple migrations or influxes of Pacific peoples to New Zealand through out our histories. Read more...