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Tātai Kōrero - Te Tua Uriuri

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Te Tua Uriuri explores the kōrero of our tuākana and the time of Hawaiki. We are privileged to still hold these kōrero and use these to take us back through the distant time of our ancestors living throughout the Pacific.

Having knowledge of one's origins can create an understanding of culture and heritage, adding layers for a strong sense of identity and belonging.

This collection of ancient stories is shared by many waka and iwi, bringing our whakapapa closer as one people of Hawaiki. 

Stories of creation, exploration and intrigue.

From the swirling chaos of darkness, Io brings life to the world with a spark of light, Ranginui and Papatūānuku. Their many children and descendants breathe life into the universe and in time, humans are created of the earth.

Our genealogy binds us to the gods and our environment, showing our connection to all living things. 

Some tūpuna have become famous (some infamous) and their tales have stood the test of time, such as Māui. Many times he is portrayed as a devious mischief maker, a trickster. However, we could see his inquisitive, innovative and curious mind as well.

Another legendary tupuna is Tāwhaki who was known for his beauty and brains, searching out knowledge to share with the people. 

Did you know that Māui had a sister? Most do not. 

We quite often hear about Māui and his brothers, but no one speaks of their sister.

Come on a journey to Hawaiki, the origins of our people…

Te Tua Uriuri Kōrero

Ngāti Pūkenga Iwi, Tātai Kōrero | Te Tua Uriuri, Hawaiki


Hawaiki-nui, Hawaiki-roa, Hawaiki-pāmamao.